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Informative MBC Advogados: Panel "Search Funds – Learnings and Challenges”

May 27, 2024.

Panelists Steffen B. Nevermann, Tammara Berezovsky, Newton M. Campos, Ph.D., Rafael Araujo e Andre Giovannini Larronda Asti and moderated by Guilherme Meirelles Bruschini, Bruno Cunha e Isabelle Valle Pereira
Breakfast Panel "Search Funds – Learnings and Challenges”

Last Wednesday (05/22), we held the Breakfast Panel "Search Funds – Learnings and Challenges”, initiating a series of debates to contribute to the Search Funds community in the country through the exchange of experiences on the different phases of the investment thesis.

The event featured panelists Steffen B. NevermannTammara BerezovskyNewton M. Campos, Ph.D.Rafael Araujo and Andre Giovannini Larronda Asti, moderated by Guilherme Meirelles BruschiniBruno Cunha and Isabelle Valle Pereira, and included the presence of searchers, potential investors, and partners.

We would like to thank the panelists and all the guests who contributed to the success of the event, fostering with us the growth and knowledge dissemination in the Search Funds community!

Team MBC Advogados.


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