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Guilherme Bruschini and Bruno Cunha open MBC Advogados

The new corporate boutique focused on search funds is located in São Paulo and is already fully operational.

Lawyers Bruno Cunha, Angelo Lim, Paula Martin, Fernando Becker Mau, Francisco Timoni, Amanda Nader and Guilherme Meirelles Bruschini, Luciano de Almeida Prado announced the opening of Meirelles Bruschini Cunha Advogados (MBC).

The team will focus on serving middle market companies. Highlight sectors for investment in 2024 are on the radar, such as technology, health, agribusiness, education, finance and food and beverages. The practice includes consultative legal advice in the areas of corporate and business law, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), private equity, investment funds, securitization and credit market (DCM), tax and social security law, corporate and strategic litigation, commercial contracts, digital law and data protection and estate planning.

The MBC Advogados team has decades of experience in large law firms, such as Machado Meyer and Pinheiro Neto, and brings this experience to advise on strategic acquisitions and consolidate sectors.

Bruschini structured the first vehicle of its kind (search fund) in the country between 2015 and 2016 and was in charge of major negotiations. He reinforces that the services can be offered completely at MBC.

"We follow the entire development cycle of our clients' investment theses, participating from structuring, first acquisition, consolidation, growth to divestments, in cycles that normally take around 5 to 7 years", said Guilherme Bruschini.

Cunha, in turn, also has a history of large deals. Advocated for Grupo Energia Bogotá, from Colombia, and Rede Elétrica, from Spain, in the acquisition of Argo Energia, in a transaction worth R$3.36 billion. He also advocated for Triciclos, based in Chile, in the investment of USD 2.6 million from Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM), FIS Ameris, FCP Emprendimiento e Innovación SP, Credicorp Capital Colombia, Fondo de Inversión Privado Social 2.0 and Small Giants .

The rise of the search funds market is proven by the partners, who claim to have several clients with M&A projects for this year. “In 2024 we should also experience the successful closing of search fund cycles,” said Bruschini.

Cunha also highlighted: "We add value not only in the designed structure, but in the entire production and relationship chain. MBC Advogados will bring in the expertise of its team to provide security to the client and resolve everything in one place."


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